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Research areas


Supervisor: Jorge Martinez-Bauset

Quality of service provisioning in ATM and IP networks
Evaluation of different traffic management techniques for the provisioning of quality of service in broadband multiservice networks. Simulation and Markovian models are used.

Supervisor: Miguel A. Rodríguez Hernández

Digital signal processing in communications
Signal processing in split-spectrum and OFDM systems. Primary and secondary radar signal processing. Coding. Time-frequency techniques. Telemeasurement systems.

Supervisor: Luis Alejandro Guijarro Coloma

Engineering of the Information Society applications
Use of UML modeling and enterprise architectures to engineer telematic applications in process of implementation in the Information Society, especially e-goverment.

Supervisor: Vicente Casares-Giner

Mobile location algorithms
Evaluation of the impact of mobility models on the performance of data bases of cellular mobile networks (GSM, UMTS). Designing the optimal intelligent network architecture for 2G and 3G cellular systems. Location models and their application to the estimation of pedestrian and car traffic flows

Mobility and traffic models in the dimensioning of UMTS systems
Resource allocation and sharing algorithms for wireless and fixed networks. Performance analysis and evaluation by means of Markov and fractal models. Joint models for circuit switching and packet switching. Obtaining the grade or quality of service that ongoing communications experience in wireless networks. Impact on the radio interface and fixed networks.

Multiple access protocols
Shared-medium access control algorithms. Random access and reservation. Multimedia traffic characterization and design of access protocols in wireless networks with applications to traffic integration in 3G systems (UMTS/IMT-2000) and beyong.